Anes/Pain Tools

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Anesthesia Conversion Factors, Base Units and more from CMS

ASA’s Standards, Guidelines, Statements and Other Documents – all of them.

CMS Medicare Claims Processing Manual (Pub. 100-04), Chapter 12: This tells the Anesthesia concurrency modifiers (AA, QY, QK, QZ, etc.), discusses Teaching Anesthesiologists or CRNA, and more.

  • Definitions of personally performed, medically directed, and medically supervised: section 50
  • Definition of concurrent procedures: section 50J Anesthesia modifiers: section 50K
  • Base units for anesthesia services: following section 50K: Exhibit 1
  • Anesthesia and Teaching Facilities : section 100.1.2.A.4 CRNA Services: section 140

Epidurogram Checklist – from Leslie Johnson, CPC, this is an epidurogram documentation checklist set to AMA CPT Assistant standards. People – coders and physicians are *STILL* making the mistake between Epidurogram the procedure and epidurogram, the image. Same name, but 2 different things. *Note* Info is still applicable in 2022. Nothing have changed since this was written in 2010.

ICD-10 CM for the years from 2010 through 2022. When the zip file is downloaded, all the chapters of the ICD-10 CM will be included. The Official Guidelines for each of these years can be found here, as well.

Pain Reference Chart (Muscles) Excellent visual reference to the different locations of trigger points.

Statement on Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) from ASA. This contains the how, when and CPT codes for TEE. This was amended Dec 13, 2020 but is still current.

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