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Be sure to also check Anesthesia Guidelines as some of this information may overlap.

Anesthesia Conversion Factors, Base Units and more from CMS

2009 CVP "Cheat Sheet" for Anesthesia - Do you need central venous access codes for anesthesia? This version will tell you permacath, bard catheter, port-a-cath, etc. and associated radiology guidance CPT codes in a handy cheat sheet; created by Leslie Johnson, CPC.

2013 Nerves Chart - This is a "cheat sheet" that I created for nerve blocks with associated CPT coded. For use as a GUIDE only. iPACK, TAP blocks, Sphenoganglion blocks with Q-Tips and other blocks are discussed. Updated for 2013! Globals and bilateral indicators are included.

Post-op Pain Chart - based on the new NCCI guidelines effective Jan 1, 2013 (current, 2018)

ASA's Standards, Guidelines, Statements and Other Documents - all of them.

CMS Medicare Claims Processing Manual (Pub. 100-04), Chapter 12: This tells the Anesthesia concurrency modifiers (AA, QY, QK, QZ, etc.), discusses Teaching Anesthesiologists or CRNA, and more.

  • Definitions of personally performed, medically directed, and medically supervised: section 50
  • Definition of concurrent procedures: section 50J Anesthesia modifiers: section 50K
  • Base units for anesthesia services: following section 50K: Exhibit 1
  • Anesthesia and Teaching Facilities : section 100.1.2.A.4 CRNA Services: section 140

Epidurogram Checklist - from Leslie Johnson, CPC, this is an epidurogram documentation checklist set to AMA CPT Assistant standards. If it's in there, it's not just a fluoroscopic procedure. *Note* Info is still applicable in 2013

ICD-10 CM for the years from 2010 through 2019. When the zip file is downloaded, all the chapters of the ICD-10 CM will be included. The Official Guidelines for each of these years can be found here, as well.

Pain Reference Chart (Muscles) Excellent visual reference to the different locations of trigger points. You can also download a chart from Pressure Pointer.

Statement on Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) from ASA. This contains the how, when and CPT codes for TEE, last updated 2015 but is still current.

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  • In E/M level coding Medical necessity is moderate but problem related HPI elements is not there, can we give level 4.Thanks December 5, 2019
    Patient is established came with headache and fatigue with 1 week.patient had hypertension, Physician said continue medication.But in assessment Allergic rhinitis is there he treated with RX.Allergic rhinitis HPI elements is not there,but elements is there which related to HTN. So please can you suggest the appropriate level ?Thanks
  • Need coding help please 44120? Hernia? December 5, 2019
    Hi All, Can I get a little help please. Getting 44120 but can I get anything for the hernia ? Thanks so much! midline incision was then made and carried through the subcutaneous tissue to the fascia. The fascia was incised and the abdomen opened. There was significant adhesive disease to the midline. There was […]
  • Hair tourniquet of penis December 5, 2019
    Could someone help me with getting a for hair tourniquet of penis CPT code? The code that my provider used is 54115; which I do not agree with. See op note for details. I was wondering for this patient that I would use an unlisted procedure code. OP note: This is a 7-year-old child with […]
  • Chronic Patellar dislocation December 4, 2019
    Need help coding this OP report. 29870, 27422, 27350, 27428, 27350, 20680? A knee scope was inserted through the superolateral patellar portal to evaluate the joint and pictures were obtained showing the diseased lateral patellar facet and lateral femoral condyle. A longitudinal midline knee incision as such would be used for a total knee replacement […]
  • 27427 for MPFL pants-over-vest repair? December 4, 2019
    I'm wondering if this is the correct code for a MPFL pants over vest repair. "Made an incision over the medial patella. Blunt dissection was taken (down to) MPFL. I did a pants-over-vest repair using vicryl suture with three sutures placed trying not to over-tighten..." Patient has recurrent patella dislocations. My doc is submitting this […]
  • Palliative Care Coding-Symptoms or conditions? December 4, 2019
    Hi Everyone, I need input on a specific topic regarding Palliative care coding. I've read many articles online and read through forums to try to obtain these answers and I feel that they are all over the place. When coding for Palliative care, I was told that symptoms are coded over definitive conditions, and I've […]