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People, Processes, Technology – For Your Success.
The combination of Zotec’s knowledgeable people, detailed processes and industry-changing technology makes us the undisputed authority in revenue cycle management, and differentiates us from any other revenue cycle management company in the health care industry.
You are seeking a change. Zotec ensures it is the best one.
We stand out from the rest. Here’s how Zotec’s unique differences reduce risks, lower costs and improve your bottom line.

Our People
We focus on service first and foremost, and that’s why our account managers work closely with practices to provide the advice and information needed to balance workload with physician staffing, negotiate payer contracts and manage their medical business as effectively as possible — beyond basic billing.

Zotec’s expert coders ensure reports are correctly coded and physicians are continually educated on correct coding techniques to optimize reimbursement; our compliance team is constantly monitoring the submission of claims for increased accuracy and minimized risk.

Our Processes
The flexibility and automated effectiveness of our revenue cycle management processes differentiate Zotec’s technology from other solutions in the market today. We have a unique capability in our software system to specify individual billing protocols by payer — including how, when and what communications are made to potential payers, and what steps are taken when the carrier or patient doesn’t pay.

Our protocol assures the progression of different types of charges through the billing process. After checking to make sure every claim is clean before submitting for payment, our software is focused on the 15-20% of all claims that are likely not being appealed, and incorporates specific follow-up protocols that assure all variant payments and denials are aggressively pursued and successfully appealed.

Our follow-up processes on self-pay claims employ outbound dialing and a unique interactive voice response technology with patient access innovations to ensure that you get paid for the work you do.

Our Technology
We have developed industry-changing software technology specifically designed to optimize the revenue cycle process. Every feature of every application is there in response to a direct need from our clients, and each function has been refined and proven to address those needs elegantly and effectively.

Our technology gives us greater success in collecting from insurance companies. We have the ability to automatically appeal denials, which generates prompt responses from payers; we also directly file insurance claims with carriers, avoiding clearinghouse problems. Our business intelligence technology gives groups a better understanding of their data and the inner workings of their business for empowered decision-making.

We have the experience, expertise and technology medical practices need to increase their net income – no matter what develops in the health care world.

Your success is our focus.

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