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Evaluation & Management Tools

1995 E&M Guidelines

1997 E& M Guidelines

CMS E/M Guidelines & Resources


CMS - Can NP/PA do IP consults (for new pts)?

-     MLM 4215
-     MLM 5221
-     Transmittal R999CP

E/M Audit Template - from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)

E/M Audit Template from TheCodingCenter.org

E/M Audit Tool from First Coast 2005 prior to the interactive format, but still valid; with special thanks to Jean Acevedo, LHRM, CPC, CHC

E/M Review Checklist and Score Sheet Tool from Palmetto Medicare Part B, Jurisdiction 11

E/M interactive worksheet from First Coast Options - Florida Medicare; this allows you to do E/M audits using 1995, 1997 or both sets simultaneously right online. Click accept.

E/M Services from First Coast Options - Florida Medicare; is the point of origin for the E/M Interactive Worksheet with additional information

E&M Components - An excellent E/M Guidelines comparison study between 1995 vs. 1997

E/M Documentation Template - and Guidelines from American College of Gynecology (ACOG)

E/M Score Sheet, 2006 - from HGSA with special thanks to Jean Acevedo, LHRM, CPC, CHC

E/M University - Dr. Peter Jensen's page educating people about E/M Coding with web conferences, training guides & forums, Free AAPC CEUs, more. Great site!

-     Medical Decision Calculator

Table of Risk for Medical Decision Making

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  • Wound Care September 28, 2020
    I have a wound care question, I work with a wound care provider twice a week, he has always included a 99214(or applicable OV code) with his wound care codes, he has done wound care for a long time, he is now being told that after the first visit with the patient the only code […]
  • Coding Lisfranc Dislocations by Primary Arthrodesis September 27, 2020
    Good afternoon, Our practice has recently had several Lisfranc surgeries and I wanted to seek out advice to ensure we were billing them correctly. Any responses to either of my questions for these types of surgeries would be greatly appreciated! One of the recent surgeries involved a Lisfranc dislocation of all five of the tarsometatarsal […]
  • AAPC blackboard anyone know why I can't log in? It says no longer a valid address. September 27, 2020
    Hi, I paid for CPC, CPC-P and CPMA classes, good through 2/28/17, and can no longer sign into AAPC blackboard. Has the website changed addresses does anybody know? Thanks, Leah Johnson RN
  • Cardiac cath help September 27, 2020
    93458 by MD 93454 by coworker I am unsure. Indication: 1. Angina pectoris functional class 3-4 2. Baseline abnormal EKG suggestive of anterolateral wall ischemia 3. Elevated coronary artery calcium score 4. Hypercholesterolemia and hypertension 5. Dyspnea upon exertion 6. Angina pectoris functional class 4 during recovery time after Lexiscan nuclear test today at this […]
  • 99221-99223 September 27, 2020
    Help. I have been told too many things on these codes. If my provider is not the admitting physician can he bill these codes for his consult for his initial visit? I have been told yes without the AI modifier and no you bill the 99231-99233 codes since most insurances do not accept the consult […]
  • Incident to requirements September 27, 2020
    For an Ear, Nose and Throat practice, is it permissible by CMS and other insurance companies to have a Physician's Assistant see and treat a new patient in the office and to have the Physician's assistant be billed as rendering provider? (with and MD as supervisor)
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