2023 Evaluation & Management Slide Rule

2023 Evaluation & Management Slide Rule

$21.25 price_excluding_tax

2023 E&M Slide Rule – $20 plus $1.25 shipping each

Created by Don Self & Associates


2023 E&M Slide Rule – $20 plus $1.25 shipping each (Shipping is included in Final Price)

2023 Brings the Revised 2021 Rules used for E&M in 2021 and 2022 to ALL Places of Service, which means we have a brand new E&M Slide-rule. This is similar to the one that we sold tens of thousands since 1997, but this one uses the new 2023 rules. The inside inserts apply to the following places of service:

  • Office 99202 – 99215
  • Hospital 99221 – 99233
  • Hospital Admit/Discharge Same Day 99234 – 99236
  • Emergency Room 99281 – 99285
  • Consults (all places of service) 99242 – 99252 (Yes, some commercial carriers and workers comp still pay for consults in 2022)
  • Skilled Nursing Facility 99304 – 99310
  • Home (including Rest Home, Domiciliary, Assisted Living, Campground, Hotel, Cruise Ship, etc) 99341 – 99350

The slide rule also has a built-in QR code that automatically takes you to a training video on www.donself.com and Youtube on how to best use the slide rule – free of charge. This 2023 slide rule also has another QR Code to take you to another automated tool to help you select the appropriate Prolonged Service code since the Prolonged Codes in 2023 are different for CPT than Medicare.


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