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JFAMC Membership Information

We are aware that coders are “nickel and dimed” to death so we’re seeking out the best offers, discounts and whatever else we can find that are specifically for our members.  The Admins and the Moderators are ALL volunteers and we make no profit from these fees.  Any money that these websites generate go back into the costs associated with running and maintaining these websites.

We make them available ONLY to those who register for membership and sign in because we don’t want to World to access this information.  We absolutely don’t collect, sell or give away ANY information and we won’t spam you with unwanted emails like other organizations do, either.  You can review our Privacy Policy.

If you can help us by buying a membership – we appreciate your judicious and generous support!  If you’re not able to buy a membership for whatever reason – we appreciate you too! The Founding Members is for you and there are so many ways for Founding Members to share and participate.

Thanks for being a part of our Network.

Introducing The JFAMC CoffeeHouse chatrooms.

These are PRIVATE, real-time chat-rooms for specific and non-specific discussion for logged in members.  Most of the chatrooms are open to all; some are locked and are by invitation only.  Invite your friends and chat safely without prying eyes.

After a period of time, all chat in the “rooms” are erased.  Nothing is saved, thus ensuring privacy and safety of the participants.

Enter the Coffeehouse

JFAMC also introduces the JFAMC Forums.  These are open to all logged-in members, regardless of membership with subjects spanning nearly all medical specialties with medical coding and billing topics. They’re for asking/answering, learning/growing, exchanging information. 

The forums also include a section for those who need/want mentors and those who are willing to be mentors.

Come and grow with us.  Register now or log-in.  

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