Physical Therapy Guidelines

Physical Therapy Resources and Tools

Authoritative links to tools, guidelines and rules regarding physical therapy, occupational therapy, billing & coding and documentation guidelines.

American Physical Therapy Association

Some information from APTA on billing and coding; some of the information is for those who are members only.

BCBS of MA – PT/OT for Independent Practices

Blue Cross, Blue Shield of MA payment policy with well written coding and billing guidelines.  Makes a great guide for PT/OT.

CMS MedLearn Matters

Quick Reference Chart from CMS, MedLearn Matterrs: Descriptors of G-codes and Modifiers for Therapy Functional Reporting

CMS Updates Spotlight

Get CMS’s Latest Updates for 2019 for “-KX” modifier and Functional Reporting Codes.

CMS Spotlight

Novitas – Modifier KX

Novitas Medicare for DC, DE, MD, NJ and PA – Modifier KX  for PT/speech & occupational therapy.


VA – PT Overview

Brief 10-slide presentation from the VA that gives an insight into PT documentation.


WPS GHA – Counting Units

WPS GHA Medicare explains how to count units and on which codes – for Jurisdictions: J8A, J5A, J8B, J5B

WPS GHA – Counting Units

WPS GHA – Outpt Modifiers

Outpatient Therapy Modifiers page from WPS GHA Medicare for Jurisdictions: J8B, J5B

WPS – OP Modifiers

WPS GHA – Severity Mods

Severity & Complexity Modifiers explained from WPS GHA Medicare, Jurisdiction J8B, J5B; great guide.

WPS – Severity Mods

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