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A Collaboration Between The Coding Advisory and JFAMC

WE are the BRIDGE between the Employers and the Candidates. We provide tools to help you with your search, continuing education, networking and more. JOIN US – over 20,000 members strong.

Some Testimonials

I have had 3 jobs and all came from this group or someone I met here that recommended me. Thanks to this group I have stayed steadily employed even after 2 layoffs.

J. E.

Once again I was on the hunt for a new job. My first thought was to check the jobs for American medical coders group. Of course I posted that scared post that I was available again and sure enough there was a handful of jobs posted. Thanks to Pam and all the other great people who work hard and help us coders locate jobs. They also are there to private message with concerns and personal questions. It can get very confusing but they have the knowledge to help.

I accepted a job offer today that I found posted on the Facebook group. And I can now say for the second time I have obtained employment from that group. You all are amazing and I am so thankful to have found the group. I have 7 of us to support and we all want to thank you!! You’re all amazing and never forget what your doing does matter!

M. R.

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