Worker’s Comp – by State

Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP) - Fee Schedule

Alabama - Alabama Department of Industrial Relations - fee schedules, etc.

Alaska - Alaska Division of Workers Compensation - Fee schedule to present day

Arizona - Industrial Commission of Arizona - Resources for the Medical Provider, including Fee Schedules.

Arkansas - Arkansas Workers Compensation Commission - Guidelines and Medical Fee Schedules

California - California Department of Industrial Relations - "Medical Unit" - Information, forms, fee schedules

Colorado - Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Connecticut - State of Connecticut Workers Compensation Commission - Provider Guidelines.

CT Worker's Comp  2019 ASC and Hospital Fee Schedule

CT Worker's Comp 2018 Practitioner Fee Schedule - Effective July 15, 2018.  Make sure to do a search for the most recent one

Delaware - State of Delaware Department of Labor, Division of Industrial Affairs --Healthcare Payment System; Forms, Guidelines and Fee Schedules

District of Columbia - DC Department of Employment Services - Fee Schedule ("This fee schedule shall be based on 113 percent of Medicare’s reimbursement amounts.") 

Florida - Florida Department of Financial Services - These manuals contain the guidelines and the fee schedules.

Georgia - State of Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation -- Put "Medical" into the search box; a nice menu will drop down for choices.

Hawaii - State of Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations - Fee schedule effective Jan 16, 2018

Idaho - Idaho Industrial Commission - Medical information

Illinois - Illinois Workers Compensation Commission -- Interactive Fee Schedule information. Click "accept"

Indiana - Workers Compensation Board of Indiana -- for Providers

Iowa - Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation -- According to the Iowa Medical Society, there are no medical fee schedules so they offer some guidance.

Kansas - Kansas Department of Labor -- Medical Services and Fee Schedule Section to current year.

Kentucky - Kentucky Office of Workers' Claims - Medical Services, Fee Schedules and other information.

Louisiana - Louisiana Works Department of Labor -- Guidelines, Fee Schedule and other useful information

Maine - Maine Workers Compensation Board - Medical Fee Schedules from 2015 to current year plus links to other medical guideline information.

Maryland - Maryland Workers Compensation Commission - Medical Fee Guide and Information

Massachusetts - Massachusetts Department of Labor - not a very good site at all; do a search on "Medical Payment Rate" and maybe you can find 2019 if it's available.

Michigan - Michigan Workers Compensation Agency - HCS Rules, Manuals & Fees

Minnesota - Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry

Mississippi - Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission - Medical Fee Schedule

Missouri - Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations

Montana - Montana Department of Labor & Industry - Employment Relations -- scroll to the grey area below under the subheading of "Insurers" for more for the fee schedule information.

Nebraska - Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court - Fee Schedules

Nevada - Nevada Division of Industrial Relations - Medical Provider's page with useful information, forms and fee schedules.

New Hampshire - New Hampshire Department of Labor - not a very useful site for Medical Providers (NH House voted to reject WC Fee Schedule & Guidelines in June 2015).

New Jersey - State of New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development

New Mexico - State of New Mexico Workers Compensation Administration - Healthcare Providers with links to the fee schedules and other useful information.

New York - New York State Workers Compensation Board - Healthcare Providers page with links to fee schedules, forms and other information.

North Carolina - North Carolina Industrial Commission

North Dakota - North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance

Ohio - Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation

Oklahoma - Oklahoma Workers Compensation Court

Oregon - Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services

Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry

Rhode Island - Rhode Island Division of Workers' Compensation

South Carolina - South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission - Medical Services Division.  The Fee Schedules are here.

South Dakota - South Dakota Department of Labor

Tennessee - Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development

Texas - Texas Department of Insurance

Utah - Labor Commission of Utah

Vermont - State of Vermont, Department of Labor - Fee schedule -- nice Sub-menu on the right

Virginia - The Virginia Workers Compensation Commission

Washington - Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

West Virginia - West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner (Regulatory/Claim Oversight)

Wisconsin - Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Wyoming - Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, Workers Compensation Division - Rules, Regulations and Fee Schedules.