THANK YOU for your very kind donation.

Your gift gets put aside to help members who are encountering hard times. We buy gift cards, plants/flowers, whatever it takes to help our members keep going.

Some things we’ve done so far:

– we’ve fed the family of a very sick little girl whose mother was in the hospital daily while the father took care of the siblings. We sent groceries because Mom temporarily lost her income due to the prolonged stay and it was hard for Dad to get out.

– We’ve sent flowers to a member who was in a major depression and needed an uplift.

– We sent flowers to several members who had close family members pass away.

– We sent money to a member’s church that was damaged in a major earthquake and mudslide.

– We sent books to a member in dire financial straights.

What we’ve done is so little and was done quietly, behind the scenes. As you already know, a whole lot of littles adds up to a great big & we can do a lot together with our spare change. Your help will mean so much to everyone with needs that we find out about.

Thank you for your very kind/generous donation!

– Pam Kulczar