Who We Are & What We Do

We are:
– Auditors: billing, coding, compliance, financial
– Billers
– Coders
– Consultants
– Contractors
– Lawyers who specialize in Medical Practices
– Medical Billing Financial Analysts
– Medical Contract Specialists
– Medical Practice Analysts
– Nationally recognized educators and speakers
– Practice Management Consultants

Every medical specialty is a unique service that demands attention to detail and accuracy. No two practices or organizations are alike. A cardiothoracic surgeon’s practice is very different from the orthopedic surgeon’s. This is why it’s important that your requirements should be tailored to the nuances of your specialty and not handled like everyone else’s.

What We Do

We are an experienced TEAM of medical practice specialists. As such, we are capable of assessing your practice management needs to include, but not limited to:

– Audits
– Billing
– Coding
– Compliance
– Education – management, physicians and/or staff
– Medical practice IT/Security
– Legal Advice or Assistance
– Practice Reviews and Assessments

We are not an employment service; we are a team with a resource network of over 15,000 people of varying degrees, specialties and talents. We are the conduit between employers and this enormous team of talent waiting to find their next “dream job”.

What do you need? Chances are very good that we have a team member who is looking for you.


Just as your medical services aren’t cookie-cutter, neither is our pricing. Our pricing is competitive and more importantly, we tailor our pricing like we tailor our services to meet your business needs. We are confident that we can reach a reasonable agreement so you can keep more of what you earn.

Your work and our services are highly valued and respected. Let’s talk.

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