Global Surgery Calculators

Updated 1/26/2019

90 Day Global Surgery Period Calculator - from NGS Medicare. You may need to create an account here - it's a pain in the neck, but worth it for the tools.

Calculators & Tools for timely filing, timely appeals, fee schedule lookup & more. If this link fails, go to the NGS website & do a search for Calculators & Tools in the Part B section of your state/jurisdiction. Once you've created the account with NGS, these links will work perfectly.

90-day Global Surgery Period Online Calculator Not specifically for Global Surgery, but you can track 10, 30 or 90 days with the Time & Day Calculator from Time and

Global Days Assignment List – from Oxford/UnitedHealthcare. This is a listing of CPT codes with their respective Global Surgery days per Oxford/UnitedHealthcare.

Global Period calculator - from Palmetto Medicare. 90-day and 10-day Global Period calculator.

Timely Filing Calculator –from Novitas Medicare. This is for calculating the appeal limits for the Three Levels of Appeal for Providers in DC, DE, MD, NJ and PA

Forms and Tools - this link contains a number of excellent billing and coding tools for Palmetto Medicare. This information can be used as guides for other MAC regions as well.

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